Carmen Galofré



The exhibition presents moroccan impressions. All the works were done in situ.

...we respectfully walked up the stairs to her workshop to a background of jazz and holding a glass of wine; first impressions full of curiosity while all around was set to arouse the senses. Little by little she handheld me through the world of her works: landscapes, dunes, camels, beaches, docks, characters, interiors or warehouses. Some of them elicited magical moments; here the light or the shadows, the atmosphere, the emptiness or the strong presence of her subjects, the tension or the silence, the stillness or the motion of that chosen group drew the attention.

That is why, pressed to put forward an opinion of Carmen's work I would likely stress her ability to transmit emotion as a constant. Undoubtedly, one the pillars of her identity as an artist is her gift of giving life to wide landscapes or seemingly minor, ordinary objects which become singular and relevant. We are thus in the challenging presence of simplicity and authenticity which, in art, only spawn from definite attitudes imbued by her restless devotion to the work, concentration, rigorous study and great generosity.

What joy for everyone is this new exhibition by Carmen! Her new body of art is certainly innovative, but at the same time I seems to sense confirmation and affection of her previous work. Congratulations!
We welcome her with the personal and professional appreciation she deserves and which we hope will be shared by all art's lovers.

Marta Maragall
Barcelona, 16/10/2009