Carmen Galofré

Between Worlds


This exhibition happens in a transition stage, one of metamorphosis. I still do not know where it will take me.
Its thrust stems from my need of a synthesis of my philosophical conception of the world, of man and art. It grows from my need to capture interplay that I feel links all things.

I attempt to question and integrate opposites, antagonisms: interior-exterior, figurative-abstract, subject-object, light-shadow, matter-ethereal, cosmos-psyche...

Our mind, rational and obsessed with detail, finds them as opponents, but they are complementary sides when we take a wider mental perspective.

The exhibition is generally made of three thematic blocks: interiors, nudes and planets or spheres. These are more closely related that what a superficial glance might show.


These pieces stand for my own inner space, my psychological space.
They show a spacious room, my workshop, and things scattered thereabout; some are sharp, some evaporate, vanish. Through the window at the centre we glimpse at trees, sea and a patch of sky. A seemingly unbounded space shares the landscape with the confined room, conveying that inner and outer are the same, that it all happens within ourselves, in the screen of our minds.


These hail the female side of creation, Mother Nature that nurtures and supports. They convey the corporeal side and at the same time what is hidden, representing Venus, Afrodita, Isis. Intuition and imagination. My nudes are motionless, silence, inner vision. Eroticism and fertility.

Planets or spheres

They stand for the micro-macrocosm. Any world, planet, sun, cosmos, universe, psyche... The Tao, the Unity that holds all. Probably the most paradoxical of the three subjects, abstract and figurative in one. All and Nothing, Koan that obliterates our inner noise and we are suspended in a void brimming with endless possibilities. Presence.